New Releases & Mailorder Update

  • 2004-07-07

We have made some improvements to our online ordering on the Idol Records web site. We now take direct payments via Pay Pal so we can insure better customer service on all orders. We have also lowered our prices on most of our titles, with some of our catalog full length CD's as low as $8.00 ea. and EP's as low as $4.00 each. All prices include First Class shipping and will be shipped out the same day they are received. Click the catalog link to check it out. Skeemin' NoGoods Comprised of three of Detroits most renowned purveyors of ass-kickin noise, the Skeemin NoGoods are well versed in the art of dishing out some rock n roll fury. Singer/guitarist John Speck (The Fags, Hoarse, The Paybacks) Drummer Chuck Burns (Speedball, Seduce)and bassist Ron Sakowski (Necros, Laughing Hyenas, Easy Action) have been showing the kids how its done for years. And together, as the Skeemin NoGoods, they have taken their collective knowledge of breakneck, chord-mashing rock and punk and forged it into a formidable 11-song platter for Idol Records and will be released on October 5th. But you can buy it NOW via download at at GBH GBH is one of the most uncompromising bands in the world. Originally formed in 1979 in Birmingham, England, their first album City Baby Attacked By Rats was released in 1982 to critical acclaim and its follow up City Babys Revenge released in 1983, fortified the GBH sound-noisy and distorted hardcore punk rock. All through the 80s, 90s and 00s GBH has continued to release records and tour the world. GBH have toured everywhere including the USA, Europe, Japan, Russia, Israel, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. Bands like Metallica, Nirvana, Rancid, Sepultura and Slayer have all cited GBH as an influence. Idol Records will release GBH-Cruel & Unusual on August 10 But you can buy it NOW via download at at pAper chAse & Will Johnson Idol Records will be releasing a limited Edition split 7" single on August 17. The pAper chAse & Will Johnson (Centro-matic & South San Gabriel) are two of the most prolific and hard touring indie rock artists in America, on this release they will be covering each others' songs, with The Paperchase doing a version of Will Johnson's "The Riot Jack" and Will Johnson doing a version of The PAper chAse's "I Did A Terrible Thing". The songs will also be available from iTunes and and direct from Idol. THE FAGS The Fags have been signed the legendary Seymour Stein and Sire / Warner Brothers Records. They are recording their debut full-length at the Loft, as usual, with their very own Tim Patalan producing. The band been hard at work on new music. You can catch a preview Saturday, September 4th at the Hamtramck Labor Day Festival, in downtown Hamtramck (in Detroit). It's John's birthday, IT'S FREE, so don't miss this chance to catch the boys live! The Fags 5-song EP on Idol records is available at record stores everywhere and is for sale via download at at: ( and at iTunes. [DARYL] Just finished mixing their next album "Ohio" for Idol Records and will be in stores October 5th. Ohio was produced by Stewart Sikes (White Stripes, Modest Mouse, Loretta Lynn) and will feature guest appearances by members of Cursive, Old 97's, Centro-matic, pAper chAse and The Polyphonic Spree. Get ready for an amazing record! [DARYL] self titled CD and Uneven Surfaces EP are available at record stores everywhere and direct from Idol at new low prices: Here's our current full release schedule: GBH-Cruel & Unusual CD In stores August 10 pAper chAse & Will Johnson split 7" single in stores August 17 Cold Cash Machine-Memory Overdose CD In stores August 17 Skeemin' NoGoods-Skeemin' NoGoods CD in stores October 5 [DARYL]-Ohio CD in stores October 5 Watershed-TBA CD in stores October 5