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For You    180 Gram Black Vinyl LP (with download card)
For You 180 Gram Black Vinyl LP (with download card)
Dead Flowers


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Track Listing:
1. I Won't Go
2. 45
3. My Love
4. For You
5. California Song
6. I'm a Man
7. Murder Shuffle in A (Minor)
8. No Tragedy
9. You're Wrong
10. Thank You
11. Can't Hardly Wait (LP only Bonus track - Replacements cover)

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Limited Edition 180 Gram Vinyl with bonus track and download card. All orders ship same day!

Dead Flowers acclaimed debut album FOR YOU new limited edition vinyl release including an exclusive bonus track of the Replacements classic "Can't Hardly Wait". Includes download card.

The Dead Flowers are rolling. Their live performances are mighty and intense, gritty, straight ahead rock with heavy country undertones and a healthy nod to Texas blues, and they re just getting started.

Something wild and indescribable happens when the Dead Flowers are onstage, and For You, their self-produced debut album, remarkably captures their tough, intensely satisfying live performances yet serves up a polished, stand-alone listening experience all its own.

Solid contributions from every Dead Flowers member were deftly recorded and mixed by Jeffrey Charles Saenz at his Modern Electric Sound Recorders with enough finesse to produce a captivating record, and enough staying out of the way to avoid any studio-induced decoration that might have muddied the power and synergistic triumph of their individual performances. Very few overdubs and no instruments on the record that you don t see onstage, were conscientious choices that reveal the sophisticated musicianship and rousing, nuanced arrangements dependably delivered in their live shows.

Dead Flowers seasoned players were assembled by lead singer and guitarist Corey Howe, who writes deceptively raw and gripping songs that slip on comfortably like the return of well-loved and long-lost friends. With a rare combination of humility, heart, and swagger Howe firmly holds center while, with a seasoned performer s know-how, generously leaving each of his compadres room to contribute inspired complements.